Avaliable Courses for our 29th. season.

Available course-places :

21st. to 26th. january. 1 to 1, test or training.
18th. to 21st. february. 1 place available on 4 days course for 5 drivers.
( 25th. to 28th. february are booked )
3 places available.Best regards

John Haugland
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This was the 27th. season of the Winter Rally School.
We had 46 drivers from Germany, Switzerland, Holland, USA, Belgium,
Turkey, Czechia, Ireland, England, Denmark and Norway.

The conditions was very good, as always in Dagali, we had most days with
sunshine, but this year we did not have very much snow.

But enough to make the snow-banks upto 30-40 cm. high, and with a very
good ice-sole on the special-stages.

Because of little snow, the ice bild up quicker, and from February the
ice on the lake was about 1 m. thick.

The race-tracks was most times about 3 km. long.

Was there any new good talents ? Oh yes !

Look out for Jan Cerny from Czechia, Ole Veiby from Norway and Jacob
Madsen from Denmark.

All 3 very good drivers, also with good experience and results, and we
will see even better results from them from now on.

Also young Brits Tom Williams, Alex Waterman, Johnny Mulholland, Robert
Creighton and Jack Rastall and racing driver Katie Milner are all very
talented, and names that we will see on the top of the result sheets.

We also had teams and drivers testing.

Established Norwegian rallydriver Anders Grøndal was with us more times, and Andreas Bakkerud, 3rd. in the Rallycross World Championship last year, was practising with us again, as he have done for the last years.

VW and Skoda had a week wintertesting of road-cars, 14 cars and 22 test engineers that also had driving courses on the frozen lake race-tracks.

They where here with us for the 14th. time, as they are finding the high mountain-passes very good for testing in changing conditions, from 1200 m. altitude in minus 20 C, to 0 m. altitude in plus degrees by the fiords at sea-level within 30 minutes.

We are now looking forward to spring and summer and warm weather, before we start booking for the 28th. Winter Rally School season from 1.st september.

See you then.

Best regards

John Haugland
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We are now opening the booking for the Winter Rally School season 2016/2017.

The courses are starting from 5th December, then stopping for Christmas / New Year 18th December. We shall start up again 9th January. We will run 1 to 1 courses and 4-day courses for up to 5 drivers up to 24th February. We also have available special-stages on snow for testing at the same time.

Many of our pupils and drivers we have worked with have achieved excellent results, they have won 4 Rally World Championships, 4 European Rally Championships, and more than 150 National Championships. We have had about 1300 drivers from 42 different Nations over 26 years.

So far this year, Craig Breen has had excellent results in WRC, Edoardo Mortara in DTM and Desi Henry in the British Rally Championship. They have all been with us more than once.

Quote from Craig Breen: “One of my very first experiences driving a rally car, was with John on the frozen lake in Dagali. It was an incredible experience, and it is where I was really injected with the rallying bug. I continued to visit year after year, and John provided me with the skills necessary to improve as a rally driver in every way. Whether you are an amateur looking for the edge against your competitors, or a seasoned professional looking at perfecting your driving, there is no better place to go. I am sure that without his help and support, I would not be where I am today”.

If you want more information, or want to book a course, please use e-mail : john@hauglandmotorsport.com

You can also ring us at 0047 69836054 office, or 0047 90052428 mobile. You can find more information on www.hauglandmotorsport.com

If you book soon, you will have a good choice of dates. We are normally fully booked sometime during November but some courses are already pre - booked.




We had very good conditions, with enough snow, ice, snowbanks and sunshine
from the beginning of December until the end of February. All the time below 0 C, except a few days over Christmas, when we had Christmas holiday anyway.
This season we had 54 drivers from 12 different nations, on 9 course weeks, starting with Jens Gandrup Jørgensen from Denmark in December. He was practising on snow for Monte Carlo Historique. He was with us in 2014, when he finished 10th overall on the Monte Historic 2015. This year he improved, with 9th place and also this year best Nordic driver.
Also before Christmas we had Skoda Motorsport on Swedish Rally test for 4 days with Pontus Tidemand and Esapekka Lappi. They did 700 km. test with the R5 Fabia.
In January we had 5 other drivers practising for Monte Carlo Historique, and other rally drivers on courses every week.

In February we had one week Winter-test from VW/Skoda road cars, and
2 more weeks of courses with rally drivers.

The three drivers who showed best progress and a lot of talent were Jakub Wrobel from Poland, Albert Thurn und Taxis from Germany, and Adam Bustard from Ireland. I can see They will do very well in the future, because they had good talent, progress and the right attitude.
No accidents, very nice people, a lot of fun and everybody learning well
and improving.

We are already looking forward to the next Winter season.

Bookings start in September.

Spydeberg 3rd March 2016.

John Haugland


WINTER 2014/2015


We have now opened for booking for the WinterRallySchool courses season 2015/2016.
We are looking forward to our 25th season.
Over these years we have worked with more than 1200 drivers from 42 countries.

We are very proud of them, as they have won 4 World Rally Championships, 2 European Rally Championships, and more than 100 National Rally Championships.
At the moment
Sepp Wiegand and Craig Breen are 2nd and 3rd in ERC.
Edoardo Mortara 2nd in DTM
And Martin Koci 2nd in JWRC

They have all been at the WinterRallySchool several times.

The course-calendar 2015 / 2016 is as follows:
Up to date per 31st. august.:
1st. to 6th. Booked. Training Monte Carlo Historique.
7th. to 20th. Booked. Testing. WRC.
4th to 8th. Booked. 1 to 1 course.
11th. to 16.th 1 to 1 courses, or test/training.
18th. to 21st. Course No. 1. 5 drivers 4 days. 4 places available.
25th. to 28th. 1 to 1 courses, or test/training.
1st. to 5th. Booked.
8th. to 14th. Booked. Testing.
15th. to 18th. Course no 2. Booked. Kotek.
22nd. to 26th. Course no 3. 5 drivers.
The earlier the booking, the better chance for the course and the dates you want.

For more information see www.hauglandmotorsport.com
Or contact us.
John Haugland
Tlf. 0047 69836054
Mobile 0047 90052428

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